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About STEM Digital Village


The STEM Digital Village is an online learning community developed specifically for Langston University STEM students.

The concept of the STEM Digital Village was conceived as a way to provide easy access to information in a way that complemented faculty's personal efforts, provide a range of experiences and opportunities not otherwise readily available to large numbers of students, enable broad networking experiences between current scholars and graduates pursuing advanced STEM degrees or careers and more effectively advertise LINC to potential scholars.

The STEM Digital Village provides the following functions:

NETWORKING: Mentoring support for scholars through dialogue with undergraduates, graduates, and STEM professionals.


WAREHOUSING Resources and Study Aids,

HOST DISCUSSION FORUMS that broaden knowledge base and express students to additional opportunities.

CPR-L: Video shorts of students' problem-solving exercises in a format similar to that utilized on YouTube. Learning, as well as the process of learning, is shared within the STEM network, and with other HBCU STEM organizations.



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