The STEM Digital Village is an online learning community developed specifically for Langston University STEM students.

The concept of the STEM Digital Village was conceived as a way to provide a variety of services:

  • Easy access to information in a way that complemented faculty's personal efforts
  • Provide a range of experiences and opportunities not otherwise readily available to large numbers of students
  • Enable broad networking experiences between current scholars and graduates pursuing advanced STEM degrees or careers
  • More effectively advertise LINC to potential scholars

SDV has emerged as a major communication tool and information warehouse that not only supports the LINC program, but contains information and tools that stand to benefit STEM scholars worldwide.

Its content includes a variety of support tools that include Study Aids, Personal Development tools, Scholarship and Fellowship information, examples of students' Competency Performance Recordings for Learning videos, and much more.

It also provides a showcase for STEM students' activities and accomplishments. The News Archives section is a repository of these events, enabling students to revisit them at will.

More information on the development, launching, and analysis of this tool is available at the LINC Project website.