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Personal Statement - Computer Science


Logical problem solving has always appealed to me and this explains my interests in mathematics, programming and computing in general. The decision to read computer science was therefore a simple one.


My desire for solving challenging problems led to my choices of studying mathematics and physics at AS-level. These have been my favourite subjects for the past year and I hope that what I continue to learn will help me to succeed at university. In year eleven I was awarded the school’s prizes for ICT (Information Communication Technology) and English Language & Literature. I have carried both of these subjects on to A-level and finished ICT a year early. I feel that these subjects have helped to improve my general academic skills.


In year ten, I undertook work experience with Tech Technologies who provide technical support for the IT systems a University. This experience of the IT industry proved useful in reaffirming my decision to study computer science at a higher level.


I was elected ICT Director of the school’s Young Enterprise company, a role which I thoroughly enjoyed and which has drastically improved both my communication and business skills. The website and email communication system that I designed helped us to make a profit of £600 and reach the regional finals.


Teaching myself HTML and PHP has enabled me to create several websites. For example, in 2002, I designed, programmed and sold the browser-based multiplayer role-playing game. I have also designed a relational database for a boarding cattery that stores information about customers, their cats and any bookings that they make. I have built my own computer and run a web hosting hobby business for three years. This practical experience has given me some technical abilities which will undoubtedly be helpful at university.


My part time job at a local petrol station has provided valuable experience of the workplace and taught me how to work effectively as a member of a team. It has also made me organise my studies and private time more efficiently.


Music is important to me and I frequently organise trips (including tickets, travel and accommodation) for parties of up to ten to gigs and festivals both in the UK and abroad. For example, I have organised a journey for eight people to 2005’s Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany. My interest in music has also prompted me to start learning the bass guitar.


I enjoy reading about scientific and technological developments on the Internet and in newspapers and magazines – I find the New Scientist magazine particularly interesting and I have learnt a lot through my subscription to it.


At university, I hope to deepen and expand my knowledge of computing into areas which I have no formal experience of studying. For example, I am eager to learn about artificial intelligence and the mathematical foundations of computing. A computer science degree will provide me with a broad range of exciting career opportunities and I am particularly interested in using the skills gained at university in either research or industry. (from http://www.studential.com/bio/getps.asp?ps=494)

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