Langston University's STEM students, faculty, and staff participated in a state wide research conference.


Saturday, October 6th, over 30 Langston university (LU) students studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), 6 LU faculty members, and 2 LU staff members participated in the 18th Annual Oklahoma - Louise Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (OK-LSAMP) Research Symposium. This event was held at OklahomaState University’s Noble Rresearch Center in Stillwater, OK. Dr. Lewis, a chemistry professor from LU, maintains an OK-LSAMP grant which several LU students benefit from by obtaining preparation to go to graduate school on the way to becoming professional scientists.  At this symposium students presented their own research carried out during internships to other young scientist and professionals. The presentations were either oral 15min presentations followed by questions from an audience or poster presentations, where students talked with all attendees interested in their research and new findings. This year LU students made up 32% of all the oral research presentations alone!


LU students did an amazing job presenting information they learned at their summer internships and answering questions about their research. To aid in understanding the methodologies used while interning and being able to convey them, the students had completed further literature research after they completed their summer internships and started their academic semester here at LU. Students worked diligently on being able to convey their work and its importance to others, as they did at this event.


The key note speaker at this OK-LSAMP event was Bennie Johnson Bench, Ph.D., and former OK-LSAMP Scholar Lead Chemist, Tyson Foods, Inc.  Dr. Bench earned his B.S. from Southeastern Oklahoma State University and his graduate degree from Texas A&M University. He then went on to performed post-doctorate work at The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation. This foundation is an independent, nonprofit institute headquartered in Ardmore, Oklahoma that conducts direct operations, including conducting plant science research and agricultural programs, to enhance agricultural productivity regionally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Bench is now employed by Tyson Foods, Inc. He spoke about his journey, including the good and bad times, and encouraged students to do their best along their personal journey.


LSAMP is aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of students successfully completing STEM baccalaureate degree programs, and increasing the number of students interested in, academically qualified for and matriculated into programs of graduate study. LSAMP supports sustained and comprehensive approaches that facilitate achievement of the long-term goal of increasing the number of students who earn doctorates in STEM fields, particularly those from populations underrepresented in STEM fields. The program goals are accomplished through the formation of alliances. Phase I awards place emphasis on aggregate baccalaureate production. Phase II awards augment the Phase I emphasis with attention to individual student retention and progression to baccalaureate degrees. Phase III awards augment the Phase I and Phase II with attention to aggregate student progression to graduate school entry.


Dr. Coleman, Dr. Lewis, Dr. Peal, Ms. Williams, Ms. Atkinson, Dr. Naidoo, Dr. Showalter, and Dr. Peterson are the LU faculty and staff members that attended this symposium. Below are the LU STEM students that participated in this opportunity:



Megan Bowlin

Britani Vann

 Lindsay Davis

Kristopher Vine

Eugene Deloach, Jr.

 Christen Watson

Taylor Dismuke

Jazekka Brewer

Tiffany Glover

Leslie Hunter

Staci Gleen

Jasmine Johnson

Morgan James

D'Andrael Ware

Ryan Johnson

Keyanndra Young

Mary Jordan

Dana Freeman

Kayla Love

Amber German

Martell McKinney

Taylor Pleasant

Jordan Moore

Amber German

Eliza Payne

Quinten Walker

Terry Phillips

Rajah Singh

Kellyn Pollard   

Princess Hays

Denzel Pugh

Jodeci Ross