Over 20 Langston University Students participate in The 2013 Oklahoma research Day with Langston University Faculty and Staff Members

On March 8th, 2013 over 20 students, faculty, staff members from Langston University participated in the 2013 Oklahoma Research Day. Faculty and Langston Integrated Network College (LINC) for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) ensured Langston University (LU) students submitted abstracts to participate in this beneficial occasion by present their academic research. Faculty and LINC also encouraged students to attend the event so they may network with researchers in their field of interest and learn about modern topics in their field of interest.

Student presentations from all LU STEM departments (biology, chemistry, technology, computer science, and mathematics) were displayed and shared with others at this event. The faculty and staff present included Dr. K. Abraham & Dr. C. Naidoo from LU’s Biology department; Dr. J. Coleman & Dr. L. Peal from LU’s Chemistry department; Dr. C. Hedge, LU’s Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences; Ms. Irene Williams, LINC’s Administrative Coordinator; and  Ms. Brittanie Atkinson LINC’s Education Coordinator.

After discussing research and sharing ideas, Oklahoma Research Day closed with a lunch banquet including Dr. Elizabeth L. Ambos, executive Officer of Council on Undergraduate Research, serving as a wonderful keynote speaker.

Oklahoma Research Day is an annual event celebrating student and faculty research, creative, and scholarly activities. The event has grown in numbers and in stature with contributions from all of Oklahoma’s institutions of higher education, including many collaborative contributions from national and international academic and research institutions. The 2013 Oklahoma Research Day event had over 1,100 registered students, faculty, and guests and featured over 600 unique poster presentations.

Governor Mary Fallin and state legislators have recognized research, creative, and scholarly activities and Oklahoma Research Day as important contributions to our state.  In fact, Gov. Mary Fallin proclaimed March 4th – 8th, 2013 as Undergraduate Research Week, and our state legislators unanimously passed a resolution designating March 8, 2013 as Oklahoma Undergraduate Research Day.

As a premier academic research event in the State, the first Oklahoma Research Day was held in 1999 at the University of Central Oklahoma. A consortium event coordinated by Oklahoma's Regional Universities, Oklahoma Research Day was created to be more than merely a celebration of student and faculty research, creative, and scholarly activities.  The event was established to create the opportunity for students and faculty from multiple institutions to interact with their counterparts in their respective disciplines.

Until 2008, Oklahoma Research Day was held on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma. In 2008 other campuses began to host the event, with Northeastern State University inaugurating this new stage of Oklahoma Research Day's development. Cameron University continued this new tradition by hosting the 2010 and 2011 Oklahoma Research Day events. In 2014 Oklahoma Research Day events will again be hosted by the University of Central Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Research Day has grown in numbers with contributions from all of Oklahoma's institutions of higher education including many collaborative contributions from national and international academic and research institutions. The first Oklahoma Research Day saw 233 poster presentations by students and faculty from Oklahoma colleges and universities. Again, this year the number of oral and poster presentations had grown to surpass 600 presentations with over 1,100 registered students, faculty, and guests!


Oklahoma Research Day is made possible with the sponsorship of the following organizations:

  • Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE);
  • Oklahoma Experimental Program for Stimulating Competitive Research (EPSCoR) - National Science Foundation;
  • Idea Network for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) - National Institutes of Health;
  • Cameron University;
  • East Central University;
  • Langston University;
  • Northeastern State University;
  • Northwestern Oklahoma State University;
  • Southeastern Oklahoma State University;
  • Southwestern Oklahoma State University; and
  • University of Central Oklahoma.


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