Department of Technology  


The mission of the Technology Department is to provide students with excellent instruction and hands-on experience to meet educational and industrial needs to be competitive in the 21st century workforce.



The vision of the Technology Department is to strive for excellence through laboratory-based instruction and to meet educational needs and the standards of business, industry and government.



  1. Develop a high degree of skill and technical competency in an area of specialization;
  2. Develop managerial and supervisory skills for use in a highly technological society;
  3. Develop a broad technical background necessary for adaptation to, and advancement in, a large number of industries and government.


Description of Program:

A student enrolled in the Department of Technology may select one of two majors: Technology Education or Technology. Technology Education leads to the Bachelor of Science in Education degree. Its primary purpose is to prepare students to teach Technology Education in middle and secondary schools, although positions in teacher training and in business and industry are also available to graduates of this program. A major in Technology leads to the Bachelor of Science in Technology degree. A broadly based program, it prepares persons for technically oriented supervisory and middle management positions in industrial firms and government. Three options are offered in the Technology degree program:

  • Electronics Technology,
  • Computer Design Technology, and
  • Building Construction Management Technology.

In addition, the Department of Technology offers two Associate in Science degree programs:

  • Drafting and Design Technology and
  • Electronic Technology.