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Langston University has awarded more Bachelor of Science degrees to African Americans than any other institution within the state of Oklahoma.

Langston’s relatively small size, closely knit faculty-student relationships, and historical contribution to the education of African-American students all contribute to an environment that supports successful outcomes for our students. Our LINC program's focus is to help you successfully complete your undergraduate degree in a STEM major. We also assist you in preparing to pursue advanced degrees, including a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD).

We at Langston know that minorities are great achievers, but are often misrepresented. As a result, many never try. LINC is poised to correct this misconception, and ensure that all who are able receive the opportunity of a lifetime. We understand the impact of energy and vitality of future discoveries on our prosperity and future well-being. We are proud to offer the LINC program that will propel our students into accomplishments that will positively impact our universe, and link them to unparalleled personal success. See you on campus.

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About LINC

LINC is a coordinated, linked network of comprehensive programs and processes designed to have broad, positive impact on the quantity and quality of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) professionals that Langston University will provide over the next five years and beyond. LINC offers a unique and extraordinary opportunity for undergraduate minority students to prepare for success within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

LINC's focus is to increase the number of Langston graduates in the STEM fields, as well as increase the number that go on to receive advanced STEM degrees. LINC can help solve many of the issues that separate you from your dreams. A lack of money and fear of failure are often at the top of the list of issues that prevent many from pursuing academic goals and making a difference in the world in which we live. We have anticipated these barriers and constructed a process that presents an opportunity for your personal success.

We at Langston know that minorities have contributed greatly to the world of science. LINC will help ensure that the proud tradition continues by providing an environment and other resources that nurture the STEM professionals of tomorrow. LINC offers full scholarships, mentoring, graduate school readiness training, test preparation services, and developmental and research internships.

Find out more about our program, including scholarships , faculty , and how to apply to LINC.

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