Competency Performance Recording for Learning (CPR-L) from Langston University will be featured May 11th-18th at


John K. Coleman, Ph.D., Chemistry and Physical Sciences Department Chair at Langston University will be featured in the 2021 STEM for All Video Showcase funded by the National Science Foundation.  The event will be held online May 11th - 18th at

The presentation, entitled “Competency Performance Recording for Learning (CPR-L)”    is a teaching and learning process that “resuscitates” learning of the analytical process of problem solving. It incorporates tasks and exercises aimed at impacting retention of information, understanding of course concepts, maintaining the integrity of the problem-solving process, and exorcising bad learning habits.

The CPR-L presentation is a narrated PowerPoint presentation that is 3 minutes long, in keeping with presentation requirements. The project that gave rise to the development of this process was a program funded by the National Science Foundation.

The brief video below provides a quick overview of the event.  

Join us on May 11th - 18th
Learn more at: STEM for All 2021 Video Showcase

Video Showcase Event Flyer


Learn more about the CPR-L process here and also here.