General Chemistry


Instructors are available during posted office hours to assist you with understanding course subject matter.

Office hours for LU General Chemistry instructors are:

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Supplementary Instruction (SI) is offered for LU  General Chemistry courses.  Class Facilitators are an excellent resource for help with understanding course content.

Spring 2012 Chem I SI Classes:

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Instructors’ class lecture notes are posted here.  If your own class notes are not clear, you might want to review the lecture notes that are available on line here.


Online Study Aids

In addition to the above resources, there are many great study aides available online.  Some of those resources are listed below.



General - Introductory Chemistry

This resource will help you learn the concepts of general and introductory chemistry, with the aid of worked example chemistry problems, lecture notes, lab.

Click on a listed topic to access additional information.

Acids & Bases (56)

Atom & Molecule Structure (38)

Chemistry 101 - Introduc...

Chemistry Charts & Tables

Chemistry Experiments

Chemistry FAQs (608)

Chemistry Fun & Humor (63)

Chemistry Lab Experiments (42)

Chemistry Lesson Plans (26)

College Chemistry (31)

Electrochemistry (23)

Element Facts

Equations of State (10)


Gases (0)

Gen Chem Journals (43)

High School Chemistry (12)

Home Chemistry Kit (95)

Lab Techniques

Lecture Notes (154)


Quimica (2)

Stoichiometry (25)

Tests & Quizzes (41)

Units & Conversions (36)

Virtual Chemistry Textbook (19)


This is another resource for basic chemistry I course concepts:

These are example of topics covered:

Fundamentals of Chemistry





Acids and Bases



Reaction Kinetics


Other Study Aids:

An online Periodic Table with lots of information:

Khan Academy  has a library of over 2,800 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 290 practice exercises.  Scroll to the Chemistry section and you will find videos that demonstrate a range of topics.  For instance, the 15 minute video on Stoichiometry: A Limiting Reagent is but one of about 105 chemistry topics covered.

Georgia Southern University has some interesting electronic tools to help students be successful learning the very important topic of general chemistry. Most of the study aids were generated using the program StudyMate.  Check out the Flash Cards that support learning more about formula and molecular weights. This site also has puzzles and quizzes that reinforce each topic.


Get help with understanding polyatomic ions (will help in balancing equations):


Get help  with the mole concept: